The brand of champions and legends. Long Live Cowboys.

Wrangler Western

Flame resistant jeans, shirts and jackets for men and women.

Wrangler Western

Made for the serious outdoorsman. Apparel that is as durable and as comfortable as the day is long.

Wrangler Western

Jeans and tops that fit and flatter beautifully.

Wrangler Western

Modern style for today's new cowboy.

Wrangler Western

Tough, comfortable, all day long.

Wrangler Western

A name trusted by seasoned hunters. A name that means quality and comfort and a complete line of apparel in the most popular camouflage patterns.

Wrangler Western
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  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • As part of the Wrangler CRIS program, Wrangler receives daily scans of sales and returns of Wrangler items and frequent inventory count of the Wrangler product on your shelves or in your stockroom. This allows you to communicate with us electronically about your sales and inventory levels and allows us to then automatically ship product to you where needed to keep your inventory at the level weve determined together is best for your store

  • No problem. You may select a previous calendar day at the beginning of the scanning session to record sales and return counts for the selected day.

  • To scan an item, locate the UPC code on the product ticket, which may be torn off if you are scanning sales or returns or it may be still attached to the garment if you are scanning inventory. Connect your provided Wrangler CRIS scan fob device to your iPad or mobile phone running the Wrangler CRIS app. The scan fob will turn on once it recognizes power from your tablet or mobile device. Hold the fob with one hand and move it across the UPC code in a left to right motion. The fob will read the UPC code and the product will display with the Wrangler CRIS app on your iPad or mobile phone. Once an item is scanned you will see it appear at the top of the list in a holding place prior to it being sorted by category, such as MENS WESTERN BOTTOMS. This gives you a chance to see the item easily and if you have made a mistake, the ability to click the orange minus button to disregard that scan. When you are finished scanning, click the checkmark button at the lower left of the scan screen on your iPad or mobile phone. This concludes the scanning session and places the log in pending mode for you to transmit to Wrangler.

  • We recommend that you scan sales and returns daily. Scan inventory on shelves and in your stockroom weekly. Your Wrangler CRIS representative may have additional and more specific recommendations for you related to your anticipated sales volume. The Wrangler CRIS system, including scan fob device and the application itself, are packaged to make scanning fast, easy and convenient.

  • Email us at helpmecris@vfc.com and our Wrangler CRIS support team will provide you with a new one for your account.

  • You can always "undo" the last scan by clicking the orange minus button. This will remove the last scanned UPC record only. To delete your entire scanning session and start over, click the orange delete symbol. Warning! If you click to clear your scanning session by clicking the orange delete symbol, the scans you made during the active session will be permanently removed and you will need to scan them again. You can not recall or cancel a scan once it has already been sent to Wrangler.

  • You can reopen a scanning session if you have not yet sent the log to Wrangler. Click on the Upload button from the homepage. There you will see any pending transmissions (logs not yet sent to Wrangler) and transmissions you have already sent (log history). Click on a pending log to open it. At the bottom right, click the orange plus symbol to indicate your wish to add more scans to the selected log. The scanning session will reopen and you will be taken to the scanning page to scan your additional tickets. When finished, click the orange checkmark at the bottom left of the scanning page to mark the session as complete. The log will reappear as a pending log ready for transmission to Wrangler. Once a log has been transmitted to Wrangler, you can no longer add to it. You will need to start a new scanning session, select the date if scanning sales or returns, and scan the missed UPCs to transmit on a separate log.

  • No worries. Only VF Jeanswear (Wrangler or Lee) UPC codes will be recognized by the Wrangler CRIS system. Any unrecognized UPC will not disrupt your scanning flow, the unrecognized UPC will simply be dropped from the log automatically.

  • If you have a technical question, your Wrangler CRIS support team is available by email and phone to help you. Call 1-800-XXX-XXXX between the hours of 8am ET and 5pm ET, Monday - Friday. Or email anytime to helpmecris@vfc.com. We will reply to you within the business day. If you have a question about your enrollment in the Wrangler CRIS program, contact your Wrangler CRIS representative.

  • For CRIS technical support, you may email helpmecris@vfc.com or phone 1-800-337-7334. You may also send a question through the Wrangler CRIS app. To send a message through the CRIS app, on the main home screen, tap on the “More” icon, tap on “I have Feedback or Questions”. Choose a topic from the selections, then tap “Select”. Tap in the message box and this will bring up the key pad for you to type your question. Tap the “Submit” button and the message will be immediately sent to the Wrangler CRIS Support Team. Messages you sent are logged in the “History” section off the “I Have Feedback or Questions” message page; look for the “History” button at the top center of the page. You will receive a reply back inside the Wrangler CRIS application within one business day. To check to see if you have a reply, tap on the “More” icon and you will see an indicator of an unread message. Go to the “History” page inside the “I Have Feedback or Questions” message section, tap on the subject of your original message and underneath it will display the response from your Wrangler CRIS Support Team.

  • The Wrangler CRIS system works best if you scan your tickets daily. By scanning your tickets, it allows the system to have an accurate picture of activity in your store. Every time you scan, the CRIS system will check to see if the inventory is below the set model for each UPC. If a style/size is below model, the system will put that style/size on order. With every transmission, the system will keep adding to the order until it reaches 15 pieces upon which it will release and generate the order. This keeps your shelves full, your invoices low and your cash flowing.

  • It simply makes it easier on your staff.  We recommend you pull ALL Wrangler UPC’s and not worry whether it is on the CRIS program or not.  Items on the CRIS program can also change and vary, causing confusion if your staff tries to pull only those items on the program. It’s also better to scan ALL Wrangler UPC’s to make sure you aren’t missing any. Missing a UPC may cause you to be out of stock on that item, and create a large reset order.

  • On the Wrangler CRIS home screen or “dashboard”, tap the “Sales” icon and this will open the Scan Sales page.  Tap “Begin Scanning Sales” (today’s date will automatically appear).  For Bluetooth paired scan fobs, wake up your scan fob by pressing the “Plus” key on the fob.  The fob should remain paired with the iPad.  Simply point the fob at the barcode, press the “Plus” key, a red line will appear. Direct the red line horizontally across the barcode and the fob will read the barcode as a scan. Continue doing this for all sales tickets as you scan, the UPCs will list on the Wrangler CRIS scanning session page. If you scan a duplicate barcode the quantity shown for the UPC will go increase by one. Style numbers and size information automatically sort in numeric ascending order so the last scanned UPC may not be the first UPC you see.

  • If your scan fob stops working it has either become “unpaired” with your iPad or it is not charged. Check your iPad to be sure the scan fob is “paired” with your iPad by going to the “Settings” icon on the iPad and tap Bluetooth.” Check to make sure the switch in “ON” and has a green color.  If the switch is “Off” turn switch “On”. The iPad will scan what is around it to locate a pairable device. A list of previously paired devices will also be displayed. Your scan fob should be listed here and will likely say “Not Connected”. Take the fob name and follow the prompts on your iPad and the instruction booklet with your fob, to pair your iPad to the fob. Once the fob is successfully connected, the fob will respond with a “beep” and you will see “Connected” appear to the right of the fob name in the paired devices list. If your Bluetooth is ON and the fob shows as “Not Connected” or if you press any buttons on the fob and get no visual or audio response on the fob (no lights or beeps), the fob may just need to be charged. Plug the fob in to a USB enabled wall charging plug using the cable provided with our fob. After the fob is charged, you will see a green flashing light and you’ll be ready to following the steps above to repair your fob with your device.

  • To the left of each item scanned is an orange circle with a “Minus” button. Simply tap this one time and it will remove one from the scan. If there is only one entered, tapping the orange “Minus” button will remove the item completely from the session.

  • Write down the UPC from the garment on a piece of paper and put it in your box. When you get ready to scan your sales or returns, you can type in the UPC manually by tapping on the keyboard icon at the bottom of the scanning page. A keypad will popup and you can key in the UPC.

  • The Wrangler CRIS app will accept only VF Jeanswear UPC codes. If you scan a non-VF Jeanswear UPC, the app will beep to let you know you scanned a “NON VF UPC” and to rescan the correct VF JEANSWEAR UPC.

  • Yes. If you would like to break up your scanning into mini-sessions or if you find a batch of sales tickets that did not get included in an earlier scanning session you have already sent on to Wrangler, simply start a new scanning session by tapping “Sales” from the Wrangler CRIS “dashboard”. When you have finished scanning your sales tickets and click the “Next” button or the orange checkmark, you will see an alert to warn you that you’ve already submitted a sales transmission today. This message is to alert you in case there is a possibility of the same batch of sales tickets being scanned twice.

  • That’s not a problem, just add the previous day’s sales tickets to todays and transmit them as usual. You will not be able to select a day other that “today’s date” when you begin you’re scanning session.

  • You can reopen a scanning session if you have not uploaded the session to Wrangler. On the Wrangler CRIS dashboard, tap the “Upload” icon. This will list your pending transmissions (transmissions that have not been sent to Wrangler). Tap on the “Eye” icon on the left side of the session type and date to view the contents of the scanning session. Tap the orange “Plus” icon at the bottom of the list to reopen the session so you can scan any additional UPC’s. Click the Next button or the orange checkmark to move your open scanning session onto the pending transmissions list, ready to send to Wrangler.

  • Tap the “trash can” icon at the bottom of the screen. You will get a warning that you will be deleting everything you have scanned so far in this scanning session. If you are sure you want to delete the entire session, tap “Delete” and all scans for the open session will be deleted. The action of deleting your scan session is irreversible.

  • While at the home page, tap on “Upload”.  Tap on “Pending Transmissions”.  Any scan session that has not been sent will appear under this tab.  You will see an up arrow to the right of the menu item indicating it has not been sent to Wrangler.  Tap the “up arrow” icon to upload it to Wrangler. When it is done transmitting you will get a completion message and also see the session under the “History” page of the “Upload” section. Items automatically move from the History page to the Archive page when they are greater than three months for sales or returns or greater than one year for inventory.

  • To view transmissions that have already been submitted, at the home page tap on “Upload”.  Then tap on “History” or “Archive”.  The system stores all information that has been transmitted. This includes all sales, returns or inventories for your account.  Even if the information was sent from another device, if it is for your account it will show up on your history/archive. Inventory transmissions less than 1 year and sales and returns transmissions less than three months appear in the “History” page; anything older automatically moves to the “Archive” page.

  • You cannot order non-modeled items through the Wrangler CRIS system. To order non-modeled item, you will need to call your Wrangler sales representative or the VF toll free order line @ 1-800-888-8010 to place an order. Special orders cannot be added to your CRIS order for freight purposes.

  • As long as you scan your sales, returns and inventory through the CRIS system, there will be no charge for freight.

  • Inventory resets should be completed quarterly or four times a year. Additional resets may be requested by your Wrangler sales representative, RPM or the Wrangler CRIS office.

  • From experience we have learned that throughout a quarter the on hand inventory in the system will not always match the on hand inventory you have in the store.  This can be caused by missing sales tickets, not transmitting returns, or a variety of other irregularities.  The quarterly inventory makes sure that the inventory we have in the system matches the inventory you have in the store so you are replenished more accurately.

  • When at the main screen, tap on “Inventory”, tap on “no scan digital sheet”. This will display what styles you have modeled. Each size of a style is displayed on its own row and you will be able to see the number of pieces of this style / size that your model is currently set for. Styles and sizes are ordered in numerical ascending order.

  • On the main home screen, tap the “More” icon, then tap on “Change My Assortment”. This will open up a message window where you can send your request to Wrangler. To start your message, you’ll need to select a topic – whether you are interesting in Adding Styles or Removing Styles. After you select the topic, tap into the message box and type in a comment to your Wrangler sales representative about what you want to change. Tap the “Submit” button when you have finished and the message will be immediately sent to Wrangler. Your message will be logged under the “History” section within this “Change My Assortment” section. Your sales representative will follow-up with you directly or send a reply message to you inside the Wrangler CRIS application. For the latter, tap the “More” icon, and beside the “Change My Assortment”, you will see an indicator to tell you that you have an unread message. Tap “Change My Assortment”, then “History” to see the message. Think of the “Change My Assortment” and “I Have Feedback” message areas as a direct pipeline to your Wrangler sales representative or your Wrangler CRIS support team.

  • Thank You

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